I”M an AUNT!!!!

a very nice but dorky,gangly and kinda wallflowery-type of cousin of mine had a baby boy y’day. this guy was someone who we’d all despaired was NEVER going to get married,be able to sire a kid ( believe me he did not seem capable) and generally go riding off into the sunset at the end of the story.
anyhow, he got married to a woman WAY more forceful and with LOTS more personality than him and i used to wonder if marriage has actually made a difference in him at all and whether that would be perceivable or not. so yesterday when he called me up with the good tidings i didnt know initially who was calling-the voice was confident, forceful and nicely deep&rumbling. he announced with perfect aplomb that he was a father now, of a son no less (that apparently proves beyond a shadow of doubt that yes, HE is a MAN!!!) and i was an aunt!!!
so,after duly asking about the baby’s weight and all that jazz i went off to shop for the infant. muh dikhaayi being what it is and he being my first bhateeja i wanted to get him good stuff. hit a nice up market baby shop and asked for kids’ stuff for a few days old bachchoo. THEY HAD AMAZING STUFF!!! i kept picking out stuff and then i remembered it wasnt for me, it was for le bhanje :o(
we seriously missed out on good stuff back in the 80’s.

after dinner we all were talking about this cuz of mine and it was almost laughable to see how outright relieved my parents were. my mom mentioned a british sitcom which was aired in the late 90’s called “some mothers do have ’em” and how my cuz had always seemed to be the one the main character had been modelled on. the bulbs went on immediately and my dad and i chipped in with our exclamations of how we’d always thought the same thing but it never seemed polite to voice it out coz the guy on TV was way too lalloo…familial loyalty being what it is :o)
now i just have to ensure the kid turns out better…

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