the rain in spain….

got stuck in the rain after a long long time. unexpected downpour too, the monsoons are a few days early. but i’m not complaining.
i will however thoroughly complain tomorrow coz the new temp campus will be a huge mud puddle and i’ll be walking around my salwar hiked upto my knees in a typical bong fashion!!
a few things which set bongs apart from others-

-hiked up clothes regardless of rain/puddles/dirt
-a sad face and an attitude like atlas, often for no earthly reason.
-FISH!!! my friend (another bong) often says that we’ll all sprout scales in a lil while more.
-hypochondriasis-it speaks for itself.
-pontificating for the world at large even if no one’s listening.
-lecturing from the pulpit.
-making decisions which will change their lives based on whether mohan bagan/east bengal wins/loses

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