reflections on a humid sunday night

the weekend started well enough. 
the prep classes ended successfully and bachchoos all know the ma’am is the dudette to come to for probs!
met a really interesting (and nice) person and gabbed for hours. (you know who you are so stop with the smuggy looks!!)
watched a spooky movie last nite and was awake for a WHILE trying to interpret sounds on a scale of eerie to i want my mommy now!!
had a noice lunch+catch up with pals from the last office. btw, going veggie every now and then is not at all a bad thing.
got wet in the rain,danced like a loon and then made a big cuppa T and read for a bit.
nice dinner at a non-pretentious indo-chinese restaurant-sasta,sundar aur tikaao…well only till tomorrow morn’
walked along hussain sagar and cleared the ol’noggin of some cobwebs and heavily indulged in nostalgia.
came home, had a cuppa joe.
ALSO,worked for a while.

as far as weekends go, this was one worth repeating soon.


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