stupid birdbrains!!!

how does on deter those idiotic pigeons (who seem to be tres smart while homing back to their nests/homes) from getting suidical on my bathroom window ledge.
been hissing,throwing things at them,scaring them with the weirdest noises i could think of and even spraying them with water but NOOOOOOOOOOO! they WILL lay them eggs there only! they will lose about 1/2 of those eggs while fluttering their wings. when will it sink in they just dont have enough room their. these pigeons must have some b’bay blood in them. can live in extremely cramped spaces and still carry on with life.
anyhow,took a comp off today to take care of some work at home and was generally pottering around comfortably when 2 thumps came from behind the kitchen.
came out to see a broken egg shell and a baby pigeon decorating the ground just below my bathroom window. almost got to the bird but the ash-color tabby came out of nowhere and rushed off with her breakfast! the parents kept cooing madly from atop the window like demented loonies ( or so i would imagine) but ab roney se kya fayda?
put it behind me and went about feeding the fishies…went out to the garden only to see the tip of a snake’s tale disappearing into some shrubs. i ask you, WHY ME?
it’s a day off, i should be able to get in some amount of laziness and work at my own pace. dead birds and snakes is NOT a good way to start the day off. i should get into consulting the rahu kalam before starting stuff out, works for south indians so why not make like romans while in….
incidentally the stuff playing on the comp is a bong rock song about a “saaper chhobol”…snake’s bite….getting way too much into my robert langdon mode i think…
oh mother where art thou?


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