midnight moonshine

Caught this movie on a new movie channel last night, and realised all over again why Paul Newman rules! And even with that full head of grey hair he was gorgeous and smouldering. Fell for him initially as Brick Pollitt and have seen many movies in which he’s had  a role of sorts. But AOM was engrossing primarily because it was real. DAs spin doctoring tales that will put on the spotlight on the innocent man just so the actual target will slip up and do something cocky and stupid, has been a diversionary tactic used for ages. And Sally Field in her not-so-hard-as-nails reporter’s role was eminently believable.
What struck me most about AOM was that it was a good ol-fashioned movie made without gimmicks and it’s USP was solely the actors ability to emote. Haven’t seen too many of those movies of late.

On the flip side, caught another movie after this was over (insomnia set in last night) and this time it was an old Hindi movie with Rishi Kapoor, Jayaprada, Govinda and plenty of the typical jingbang. It was so awful it made me laugh and cringe at the same time. Sashikala as the chudail (a beautiful combo of being a bitch and a witch) MIL, an Iago-like SIL… it was total time pass….and nothing more.
Hindi films have come such a long way since then. Today KANK got panned badly by the critics & overall junta alike, but in essence it talks about things which actually happen and makes it quite believable in its own candyfloss manner.
But the huge leaps and bounds that the old movie was taking last night was surreal!. Atleast the female protagonists of today are empowered enough to be silly like Poo and still not look unreal and totally NOT-believable. Earlier the heroines, had to be coy. Now they’re brash but more in tune with prevailing trends and times. Names like Ram’n’Sita for a husband and wife were very common and never seemed passe. BIL always had to call the SIL ‘bhabhi-maa’ and what not! But it all added upto entertainment which has been refined and expanded through the passage of time.
The nearly-obsolete pativrata patni and the vampish femme (who always danced in bars for some reason) provide maha enjoyment even today. Even if it’s derision-laden laughter.

Here’s to the sustaining power of the celluloid world.

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