the shit for brains head honchos at my org have gone a step further to really show exactly how contemptible they are.
they’ve assigned most of us for exam duties and not even bothered to inform us of it either in writing or by email.
i mean WTF? we may be junior to many of the people teaching here but this doesnt mean we dont work or our work isnt worthwhile!!
this is the note i begin my day on…PERFECT!!
and to top it off, it’s been alloted by the AD (associate dean) who is practically beyond reproach….dingbat!
all of the people who have been made AD’s recently were all purely teaching faculty earlier. they used to crib about the same things i am now and look at what they are perpetuating themselves…
I dont mind doing the work. i dont think i’m above it but courtesy demands that you inform people that they’re being assigned work which is deviating from the regular schedule. and this is invigilation….3 hours of continuously doing chowkidaari and rapping them on the head if they try stuff…
am going to hex the AD…or put hemlock in his tea.
dhakkan saalaa!


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