The Importance Of Dumb Stuff In Life

We all like to be productive. Some of us genuinely so and many of us who just like to feel like we did something worthwhile instead of just idled our time away. Because even when you idle your time away, it needs to be for an optimum amount. Else you get bored with idling and then there’s REALLY nothing for you to do since if you aren’t idling you have to be doing SOMETHING. And you were idling because there was NOTHING to do.

Yes. A real conundrum. But be as that may, the idea is to find something that gives you the feel of engaging in an activity without making you feel like you’re doing something. Because that would signify being active wouldn’t it?

That’s where watching dumb movies comes in. It’s so mindless, there’s no palpable suspense or acting to look forward to. It’s a foregone conclusion that the movie will not be making it to the Oscars or even leave any sort of imprint on you except maybe to help you pass a boring time of day; hopefully even lulling you to sleep if you’re lucky enough.

I don’t always have a lot of time on my hands but I do get bored quite a bit since my near-constant companion is almost 30 years younger than I am and we don’t always define “fun” the same way each time.

When I do have the time to myself where I know that pursuing an activity I really want to do won’t be viable I fall back on the dumbest of the dumb (movies that is) because you can (and often do have to) leave it midway without even sparing a thought about what’s happen next.

For those of you who do find yourselves in similar situations here’s a list of movies you can turn to to help abate the boredom. This list is merely a suggestion and nothing more. For those whose boredom gets exacerbated due to it, my apologies and I’ll emphasize caveat emptor very strongly.

On we go-

  • Ghost Shark– A MUST watch. It’s quite funny actually without being terribly gory and it’s a novel concept in itself which saves it from being run-of-the-mill; a double whammy if there ever was one.
  • Teeth– Not really the black comedy it was marketed to be. It wasn’t funny at all but the idea behind it was interesting, for lack of a better word.
  • White Chicks– the movie needs no explanation at all once its known it’s by the Wayan brothers so..nuff said.
  • The Scary Movie franchise. Parodies have never been more crass but hey boredom is a bitch too.
  • A rehash of any movie you’ve watched so many times that you can keep playing it in your head even if the lights go off.

If all else fails, just sit quietly for 2 minutes for chances are if you’re a woman, someone will yell out/ whine about something they want you to do.


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