A lot of people, including women, have perceived feminists as women who take up the cause of women at large because they have intellect rather than looks or because they think that not having to shave their legs empowers them in some way or the other.

The Webster Dictionary defines Feminism as: (a) the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities and (b) organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests.

But it should also be taken into account that women can be just as good at being bad as men. There have been women oppressors who were cold-blooded, ambitious to a fault and power-hungry enough to put a cartload of present day politicos to shame. But they didn’t champion the cause of women. They championed their own selves and their own rights to rule over others. I think the kind of people am thinking about would have done so regardless of their gender but history makes a special mention of them because they are women and therefore expected to be gentler and thereby not have bloodthirsty urges.  Well someone forgot to tell that to Elizabeth Bathory and her ilk.

For the most part I find that women aren’t too different from men in these aspects-

  • they like to live well. Not necessarily lavishly but live comfortably.
  • they like to enjoy themselves be it at Chippendales or with their besties.
  • they like kids and don’t mind having them but don’t like to clean shit either because mother love says you oughta!
  • they too like a woman with curves and with an enviable physique.

But over time the kind of people championing feminism have also become synonymous with bespectacled women who didn’t let their mustache get in the way of their looks or teased their eyebrows into a “proper” shape and dressed for comfort rather than to look good aka no heels and eschewing thongs to get rid of the visible panty line.

In time a lot of feminists became just as bad as the people they were seeking to protect the “weaker sex” from. Germaine Greer said, If you think you are emancipated, you might consider the idea of tasting your own menstrual blood – if it makes you sick, you’ve got a long way to go, baby.”

That kind of mustabatory statement from a woman, directed at women overall seeks of chauvinism. HAVING to prove myself as being a particular way confines me more than the individual who doesn’t enable me to be more liberated. Think about it, I shouldn’t shave my pits. I shouldn’t like slinky, silky underwear. I shouldn’t bother if my face looks like it needs a lawn mower but as long as I’m on top in the sack I prove myself to be equal?

Seems like a lot of bullshit and it stinks to the heavens. But Feminism started out on the right premise, as do many isms before they lose their way into the morass of their propagator’s diktats or those of popular public opinion.

Fact of the matter? Women like to be grungy from time to time as well. It’s convenient to laze around and NOT DO ANYTHING! Grooming takes time, squeegeeing the bathroom after a bath takes time. Unclogging the drain from the long hairs that shed takes times and is yucky.

Some days you want to sit around, have a beer, not comb your hair, burp, fart and just do everything or nothing; as fancy takes you. And having to conform to a category that lauds you if you do and/or condemns you if you don’t isn’t the silliest prison ever.

It’s not about live and let live. It’s about sit and have a beer and shut up together.

Think about it.