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A Quick Preface…

Over the next few days I’ll be integrating the blog posts from a different voice I adopted a while back. It had its share of no-holds barred kind of posts, feelings and thoughts and for a while it was good to have a sounding board of sorts. But even if it was a different kind of outlet, I’m still the same person and my less than pleasant voice is also a part of me.

So till the end of Jan, I’ll be taking a look at the stuff written in the other blog and whatever still strikes a chord stays and what doesn’t gets junked. But no more compartmentalization…it’s all part of the same persona at the end of the day.


By FortunateCave

Hola! am a vertically-challenged woman who's rediscovering her mojo, groove and herself post becoming a mother..I love to blog, eat and sleep and oh! MUST READ! that in a nutshell is me..add traveling and an SLR to the mix and you have an immensely happy camper!

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