Ring In The Madness…

There are times when one wants to thoroughly box Alexander Graham Bell’s ears. True, he took communication to a previously unknown zenith but sometimes it’s actually too much of a good thing.

I remember there being 2 different landlines in my parents’ house while my dad was still working and there were plenty of days when both would ring at the same time and he was busy on his mobile and my mother and I would rush from one room to another to answer calls, take messages or furiously mime out a message to my father in case the call was important or urgent.

Fast forward a few years and the same thing is happening now- I get calls on WhatsApp which get disconnected when someone calls on my mobile. And let’s face it; someone always calls on the mobile! Anyhoo, then there are calls on the intercom at home from the building security letting us know there’s a visitor, or a courier and the person making the delivery is usually calling at the same time.

Talk about cacophony. I long to dunk my head under the water in a heated pool somewhere (for I am a sybarite at my core) because things are blessedly silent there.

And before I can wax on eloquently about the joys of having one’s head underwater, I need to put a pin in it because there goes the door bell!

Why is this Friday so chaotic??



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