Cabin Fever Bloglet#2

  1. You find toothpaste on the ceiling of your bathroom/top of the shower cubicle and pretty much everywhere but on the toothbrush.3
  2. You see animal figurines appearing in laundry baskets, inners, the fridge and also the vegetable baskets.6
  3. The little hooman hides the remote in his school backpack as payback for switching the telly off. 9
  4. There’s a T-Rex silhouette behind the glass in a dark bathroom where you lit tealight candles.3
  5. There food’s on the table, it gets eaten, leftovers get put away and suddenly the cries of “I’m hungry” echo throughout the house. 7
  6. You go to the loo to do your business and there’s a persistent knocking on the door and questions of what you’re doing, how long you’ll be and why you went in there start raining down.10
  7. The little hoomans look at you and all they can say is Netflix/chips/buy me top-ups for games. 8
  8. The moment you think, “Ah! some peace and quiet” a little voice pipes up, “Wotchu doing Ayu? Can I do it with you?” 4

Despite all my gripes, and there are many I agree; I want to reiterate that there are mothers out there who proudly proclaim that their little angels are the best thing to grace this planet since the discovery of coffee. To them I say, “liar liar pants on fire!”

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When I Turned Into A Princess…

And by that I don’t mean the Snow Whitey kinds with bluebirds chirping all around me. I mean the Princess Vespa-kinds from Spaceballs. Take a look-

So these are the times when I caught myself thinking of certain things and then doing a mental doubletake.

While washing the dishes in the utility area today the sun was shining bright overhead and kind of right in my face. And I thought..damn! I’m going to need sunscreen from tomorrow.

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While lounging on the couch yesterday I wished the pumice-foot scrubber had an extendable handle so I could take care of my deadskin while streaming the latest episode of Blue Bloods.

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When I wished for a better design of the bluetooth headphones- if they could have a flatter back so when I lean against something, they wouldn’t move from the perfect spot over my ears.

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When I wished for a rideable Roomba so I could clean the house but not exert myself beyond a point.

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