A Cough and a Wheeze…

Makes the whole world freeze!

These days at least. For those of us who are moms, the steady output of coughs, sneezes, phlegms is not a bother at all. Seeing how they are usually aimed our way or done by our loving offsprings who would probably have a tissue, a hanky in one hand, have another hand free and still not remember to cover their mouths while coughing or sneezing.

SNEEZE ONE MORE TIME I DARE YOU - Samuel L Jackson | Meme Generator

This is a frequent issue with TO. Even during the worst of the pandemic last year he’d sneeze and desperately looked around for a tissue despite there always being wipes readily available. Then when he thought I wasn’t watching, he’d quickly wipe his face off in the crook of his elbow…yech.

When he was younger, he would treat my clothes and my body as his living, breathing wipes. He’d walk by and wipes his hands off on my jeans or t-shirt and give me a cheeky grin as he dashed away.

These days he’s mighty put out by the paucity of hugs and cuddles that are coming his way since it’s being doled out by only one parent. And a bony one at that. I find him standing at the door to the room am isolating in and taping his feet at me and asking when I’m going to tell him I’m negative and it’s ok for him to smush his face into my rather squishy stature and feel like everything is alright with his world. Hopefully in another 30 hours or so he’ll have reason to be ecstatic or sulk like his world is out of whack!

Oh Corona…you have so much to answer for.

P.S: I wasn’t able to post this yesterday and today am happy to say that I *am* negative! TO got hugs and kisses and muscled in for Red’s share as well. It’s all status quo again. Praise the Galactic Ameba!


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