A New Milestone

This morning when I dropped MLM off at school his teacher told me that she had heard him say ‘stupid’ in class.
Now this is a first for me. He normally parrots whatever I say even the rebukes so Red and I often have to spell out a LOT of things.

It often goes to a ridiculous extent and Red looks confused with the amount of spellings he finds coming at him 🙂

Anyhow since his teacher wasn’t too perturbed at MLM’s enhanced vocabulary I took it as a sign that he wasn’t making a it too conspicuous a thing.

Once he came home I spoke to him about it. I find he’s most amenable during bath times. So we spoke about saying that word could ‘give ouchie‘ to his friends and make his teacher think he was very naughty and not very polite.
So he promised & pinking swore (pinky swore) that he wouldn’t say the word anymore. In order to make to make him understand I was VERY serious I told him that everytime he used that word it would mean time off from swings and the playground.

Imagine my surprise and plight when he turns right around and says ‘That’s STOOPIT Ayu!!

This too shall pass. Won’t it?

*looks heavenward for deliverance*