So it’s a Friday night. MLM conked off early with all the excitement generated due to both his grandfathers being under the same roof.

I had my dinner leisurely (YAY!), watched the last half of Jaws (YAYx2) and toyed with the idea of a drink and then opted to wait for Red to get home while I watched Criminal Minds.

Mundane?…Au contraire! There is such a thing as too much excitement. And excitement comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

While I wish from time to time that the option of going to a bar and doing shots was freely available or listening to live music on a slightly chilly roof top was part of the menu but occasionally the best thing to do is to really and truly be able to put your feet up and chew your food, reclaim the laptop for yourself, flip between channels and hear Roy Schneider say this!

Happy Weekend 🙂