Pain In The Donkey

One massive problem I face about having kids is that you need to filter, moderate, exercise judgement before speaking.

It’s not enough that your flesh and blood can get under your skin enough to make you throw a hissy fit at the ripe old age of 40 but they bring out the big guns- obstinance and the put-on innocence one after the other and you’re left gawking at them like a fish. Wait…do fish gawk?!

Of late, mornings have been super tough. I guess with the end of the school year approaching, the kids end up feeling a bit more lethargic and want to drag their feet about all the essential stuff in the wait! That’s literally every damn school day. What was I thinking…*takes a big fortifying sip of coffee*

Anyhoo, this morning was no different. TO was dawdling and my patience wasn’t recharged yet because he kept getting between me and my coffee and I snapped at him and the words “get your ass out of bed on time” might have been uttered. And boom! It started off the complaints of the ‘A-word’ having been uttered. Yeah yeah…bite me.

Note: no parent likes being told off by their kid. It’s annoying and it’s one of the things where you wish they weren’t paying attention to your instructions instead of soaking it up like a sponge.

So I had to say sorry and substitute ass for donkey (that’s the best I can do with 2 sips of coffee in me) and wait till the bald-headed-monster-in-human- form finished snorting into his milk laughing and then ran off to do everything at the utter last minute.

I focused on counting backwards from 1000 because after 10 years, 100 doesn’t cut it anymore. And counting backwards from 3-digit numbers helps prevent you saying words for which finding a substitute can be difficult and futile.

I dont heart Tuesdays masquerading as Mondays. I really don’t!!