A while back I'd written about a pigeon that had a less than satisfactory interaction with my car. The car didn't feel too bad for sure and I felt a bit of annoyance but didn't let it bother me much since there are way more pigeons than there are cars in this world. Or it … Continue reading MY LATEST PET PEEVE


Parenting Chronicles- Part 1,2…Oh Screw It!

I write a LOT about parenting. Usually in states of bewilderment or gripes because while it's a beautiful thing to experience (NOT) it is REPLETE with pitfalls, second-guessing oneself and for me: a usually irresistible urge to flip someone off. What the Bell Curve looks like in my life! I know plenty of people who … Continue reading Parenting Chronicles- Part 1,2…Oh Screw It!

The Problem Of Plenty-Part Deux

This morning I was startled awake by a different kind of ringing sound that am not used to hearing. I jumped out of bed trying to locate it when the lit screen of the iPad alerted me to an incoming FaceTime call. I rushed over to see an unknown US number and connected the call … Continue reading The Problem Of Plenty-Part Deux

My Week Till Now…

This week signals one month since TO's school started albeit. And it's been oh so interesting. I feel for the teachers, I really do. While the children have my sympathies since this is hardly the most optimum way of doing things, the teachers have to manage home and hearth plus keep an eye on … Continue reading My Week Till Now…

Of Nostalgia and Nosebleeds

Yesterday TO just semi-yelled out, "Oh darnit!" and I peeked out of the kitchen to see that the child had a nosebleed out of the blue! Since we are partial to him retaining his blood inside his body, Red and I rushed to see what the reason was. The child in question wasn't terribly worried … Continue reading Of Nostalgia and Nosebleeds

Cabin Fever Bloglet#2

You find toothpaste on the ceiling of your bathroom/top of the shower cubicle and pretty much everywhere but on the toothbrush. You see animal figurines appearing in laundry baskets, inners, the fridge and also the vegetable baskets. The little hooman hides the remote in his school backpack as payback for switching the telly off. There's … Continue reading Cabin Fever Bloglet#2