TO turned 12 recently and barring the beginnings of a slight sprinkling of hair on his upper lip, am seeing very few signs of him growing up per se. There are plusses and minuses to this as can be expected. Let’s tackle the minuses first so I can get them out of my system; for now.

  1. He’s SUCH a kid even now! I can’t fathom one conversation that happens without him “but-but-but-ing” all through and interrupting us in his hurry to speak up.
  2. He’s still quite self-indulgent. ‘I’ features predominantly in his speech.
  3. He’s still quite naive about life overall and is fanciful (not entirely a minus in my book).
  4. He’s deeply embraced the tween life and is giving us a look into what teenage angst is- for the parents.

Now the plusses-

  1. He’s become quite independent wrt his needs- has turned on the stove by himself to make a snack; all without burning the house down.
  2. Is gradually learning to make tough choices from time to time- when to choose the high road and when to get down&dirty and spew *#@&E$&^#$ during the bust-ups. In case it wasn’t clear- the former is the plus here and not the latter but if I had to look for a silver lining it would be that his vocabulary’s grown!
  3. Is more understanding of our shortcomings as parents and people overall.
  4. Is a kind person and quick to forgive.

Note: I still had to tell him a little while ago that if it doesn’t look like food, don’t put it in your mouth.



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