We moved into this new place less than a month ago and already the kind of things which are coming to light are enough to make my head reel.

This place was intended to be an upgrade in terms of amenities and also to enable us to socialize more, get to know our neighbors and have more of a community feel to where we made our home.

All that is in the works but the execution of the house and internal work are FAR from satisfactory. We belong to a group of home owners for the same gated community and they used to post a lot of grievances which would make me pretty apprehensive but Red always took things in his stride and said for every 2 people who wrote of their problems 3 others wrote of other things and weren’t inconvenienced by construction or plumbing issues much or at all.

Since I’ve moved in, I’ve had to call the maintenance people no less than 6 times and for fairly important things- seepage of water, drains getting choked due to some crap that was obstructing the water flow, had to have the loos unblocked (a thoroughly unpleasant task) and while that work has been done another bomb was dropped on our heads this morning! Apparently one of our bathrooms was leaking into the apartment just below us.

Ideally that shouldn’t have happened if the waterproofing had been done properly or even adequately. But that doesn’t seem to have been the case. So now we’re ripping off tiles, waterproofing the damn floor and whichever parts of the wall are indicated and then letting it dry out before re-tiling the whole damn thing all over again.

This is beyond disappointing. This is grounds for someone’s family jewels ending up in a vise.

Now among the other things I don’t want to have to do but HAVE to do is seeing if the same tiles are available for the re-tiling else we’re redecorating the bathroom this time as well and not because beautification is required.

I want to moan, groan and bitch my heart out and generally want to stomp on something fragile and throw a tantrum.

A LIIT will go a long way in pacifying me right now so will Bob Vila personally taking care of everything that needs fixing!


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