TO has a last moment-scheduled cricket match; AGAIN. But we’re happy to get up at the butt crack of dawn on our weekend to see our only flesh and blood off for a game with other small humans who will trash talk each other and going by their past record, lose, and come back in a few hours.

My child is unlike me in the morning- viz he’s a vampire about going into the light or having a light turned on anywhere in his vicinity till he deems it fit.

Curtains stay drawn till he give his gracious permission to have light enter our rooms. I am a zombie till caffeine hits my system but barring that I’m almost fresh as a daisy and raring to go. Anyhoo, I had to turn on a smaller light a bit further away from the dining table where he was sitting and it cast some light on the coffee and sugar tins which were on the table for our coffee cuppa.

Titanic Sinking GIFs | Tenor

My bleary-eyed brat took a long look at the shadow cast by the tins on the wall beyond him and we had this conversation:

TO: “Hey Ayu, that looks like the Titanic (referring to the shadow of the tins looking like the ship’s chimneys). Me: Hmm yeah…I can see it too. TO: Boy, that was a lame movie! Me: Really? Why? TO: It’s so boring to crash into an iceberg. Why not crash into Moby Dick or the Livyatan? Me: How is that better? They all die anyhow! TO: Yeah but it’s more fun that way! Crashing into an iceberg…pshw…*grumbles uncharitably towards the Oscar-winnning, massive money-making movie that almost always made our younger selves cry in the end even though you promised yourself it was just a movie and there was no more room on the raft for both Jack and Rose!