MLM and I have been engaging in lots of verbal skirmishes of late. I’ve been on the losing side I’m not ashamed to say. It’s the truth. Anyone who has kids knows that they (the offspring) always win. Till they go off to college. Then we win. And keep winning because there is some role-reversal that happens and they don on a lot of the roles previously taken on only by us.

I’m so eagerly awaiting MLM’s kids. I know they’ll be all he is and MORE and I’ll be cackling away to glory from either up there or down there. Down there is more likely. But I digress…this is what happened today. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg of the stuff that regularly happens.

I was pottering around and adding things to the laundry basket when I heard a door opening, Knowing MLM I thought he was trying to access the front door or a loo. It was the loo. Within 2 seconds of entering the bathroom he’s naked as the day he was born and in a meditative pose on the commode.

When I asked him why he was naked since potty training has been done and dusted a while back, he said his clothes were dirty. I had seen his clothes a few minutes back and they seemed fine to me. Nothing filthy. So I asked him how did they get dirty. To which he promptly replied, “I do it! You go wash clothes now. I give my clothes. ” and smiles beatifically.

When I stared at him, giving him my Look Of Shame, he shuffles his toes and says,” I put on clothes, it’s cold Ayu”.

You just can’t win. They have you surrounded on all sides and don’t they just know it!